The Alternative Kitchen Garden: An A to Z

If you’re looking for something a little unusual to give the gardener in your life this Christmas (or to add to your own wish list!) then there are a couple of my books that could fit the bill.The Alternative Kitchen Garden: An A to Z was my first book, telling the story of how my original vegetable garden developed – from a few herbs on the patio to a garden of unusual edible delights. If you click through to the main book page via the link above you can find out more about it – there are links to reviews and interviews, as well as some places you can buy the book. I also blogged about how I came to write The Alternative Kitchen Garden, and that post has a contents listing for the book. It’s all there in its alphabetical glory, from Achocha right through to Zucchini.

If you’re in the UK and you’d like a signed copy then email me – I’m selling them for £12 including UK P&P. According to the Royal Mail, the last posting date for 1st class mail is Monday 21st December 2015, so order before then if it’s going to be a gift 🙂

Of course, the Alternative Kitchen Garden was published a few years ago now, and it’s possible that everyone you know already has a copy. If that’s the case then check out my latest effort – Jade Pearls and Alien Eyeballs. It’s all about unusual edible plants and the people who grow them. It’s a guide book for those who want to branch out from the more familiar fruits, vegetables and herbs into the wider world of wonderful edible plants. It’s available direct from Amazon, wherever you are in the world, and should take no more than a few days to reach you!

An unusual gift for gardeners

What’s on your Christmas list this year – have you asked Santa for some crates for the garden?