At New Year, the AeroGarden blasted off on a new mission – to grow fruiting veg. It started with a crew of three – two peppers and a tomato. The seeds germinated quickly, and the start of the mission went according to plan.

A month later, it turned out that the tomato was a space hogger, and the two peppers moved out into the Hydroponicum. By then, the tomato was flowering.

Space tomato flowers

And it was only a matter of days before one of those flowers became a fruit.

Space tomato

By the beginning of April, quite a few had formed and turned ripe.

Space tomatoes!

So on 6th April, I harvested all of the ripe space tomatoes – 226g.

Space tomato harvest

And promptly packed them up for my in-laws, because neither Ryan nor I eat raw tomatoes, and it seemed a shame for these beauties not to be eaten fresh!

The Space Tomatoes mission was designed to prove that I could grow a fruiting vegetable in the AeroGarden, so it was a success. But the space tomato took up all the space and was drinking water at an alarming rate. Even with the supplementary watering system Ryan put in place, I was topping up the reservoir most days. And so I decided to bring the Space Tomatoes mission to a close, and start a new one.

I have been trying to grow coriander (cilantro) in the Hydroponicum, without much success. It just doesn’t seem to thrive in the hydroponic seedling tray. Perhaps it’s just a little slow. So I have opened a fresh packet of seeds and sown them in the AeroGarden. Let’s see whether coriander enjoys life in space!

AeroGarden coriander