The original plant crew for the AeroGarden: Cuttings mission was garden mint, sage and rosemary. As I expected, the garden mint was the first to root, and is growing well – to the point of crowding the others out! Sage rooted second, and is putting on new growth. Rosemary was slow to root, but has now done so and is starting to show some new leaves!

Sage, rosemary and garden mint
Cuttings crew 1: sage, rosemary and garden mint
Space rosemary
Space rosemary roots

I have been taking the spreading stems off Space Mint as and when they appear, as it seems ready to conquer the entire galaxy. I have given it a really good trim and harvested a 29g bunch of mint. I’d like to try making mint sauce for Ryan. He shares his dad’s love of putting mint sauce on everything, but I am not the biggest fan, so we normally don’t have it at home and I have never made it myself. Maybe Space Mint will convert me!

Space rosemary has come back to earth!
Space Rosemary back on earth!

Space Rosemary has done really well, but with its slow growth the AeroGarden is probably not the right environment for it moving forward. I have potted it on into some nice compost, and it can spread out at its own speed without interference from Space Mint!

I was in the garden at the weekend, finally planting out my autumn onion sets, and it occurred to me that it would be nice to have an indoor supply of lemon balm. I find a cup of lemon balm tea quite soothing when I have a cold, but it does die back in the winter and the weather is often too grotty to pop outside anyway.

Space lemon balm, ready for lift off!
Lemon balm, ready for liftoff!

So I have taken a cutting of my garden lemon balm and popped it into one Ryan’s new design of 3D printed AeroGarden pods. These are a lot more sturdy than the original design, so we should be able to reuse them several times. My guess is that lemon balm will root quickly, and then try and take over, like the mint.

Lemon balm, sage and garden mint
Cuttings crew 2: Lemon balm, sage and garden mint

So here’s the new Cuttings crew: lemon balm, sage and garden mint!