Thompson & Morgan is launching two intriguing new winter squash varieties that they say taste just like mashed/baked potato when they’re cooked. As an alternative to potato, they contain fewer calories and less carbohydrate, but more fibre. T&M think they’re on to a winner with these, given the trends towards healthy eating, plant-based diets and home-grown vegetables.

Winter Squash ‘Mashed Potato’ 

Winter Squash ‘Mashed Potato’ is a white-skinned acorn-type with almost white flesh that when baked, scooped out, mashed and seasoned has the look and taste of mashed potato. 

Per 148g portion, ‘Mashed Potato’ has 23 calories against potato with 110; 2.25% carbohydrate against 9%; 9% dietary fibre against 7%.

Winter Squash ‘Baked Potato’

Winter Squash ‘Baked Potato’ is an acorn-type with pale butternut-coloured skin and off-white flesh that – when cooked – has the appearance, texture and taste of baked potato.

Both varieties are vine-like and will trail on the ground, typically producing 3 to 4 fruits weighing around 450-700 g each.

We’re excited to be offering these two new squash varieties for next season. Jumbo plugs and seeds will be available, enabling gardeners and allotmenteers to grow these highly productive plants. In staff taste tests, we’ve been amazed at how similar to potato the winter squash flesh is!”

Peter Freeman, Thompson & Morgan’s new product development manager
Cooked ‘Mashed Potato’ (L) and ‘Baked Potato’ (R) winter squash

Cooking suggestion:

Both squash varieties should be cooked in the oven, with the cut side lightly oiled and placed cut side down on a baking tray, at 200 °C for about 30 mins. The flesh can then be scooped out. For Squash Mashed Potato it can be mashed with butter, salt and pepper according to taste and enjoyed as you would regular mashed potato. In the case of Squash Baked Potato, the flesh can be eaten as you would that of a baked potato, with butter and cheese or any other filling of your choice.

Plants and seeds of both squash are available to order here:*. You can claim a 10% discount by using the hashtag #squashpotato when ordering, until November 6th 2019.

What do you think – will you try them?

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