One of my gardening articles is being published in issue 4 of Filament, “a quarterly women’s magazine inspired by the rocket science that women have brains and eyes”. Much of the content is overtly sexual.

Although my article is strictly about Indoor Edibles and I’m still waiting for my copy to arrive so that I can see it ‘in the flesh’, a comment by a friend has been sending my mind off in unusual directions.

One of those is towards erotic and suggestive plant names. I have seeds for an ornamental plant called Hairy Balls, which I bought simply because they make me laugh. I haven’t had any luck germinating them yet, though! I must try again.

There’s also an episode of Dawson’s Creek in which two of the teenage characters, flirting in a greenhouse, discuss the sordid names given to some of the orchids.

A quick Google pulls up some stonkers – including Rubus cockburnianus, and a plant with a name that caused Gardeners’ Question Time some trouble.

But what’s your favourite suggestive plant name? Whether it’s a common name or the proper Latin one, leave it in the comments please!