Runner beans reaching for the sky

Since I wrote my last post it has been determined that my garden is moving this year. I don’t know exactly when, and I have no idea where to – a change in my personal circumstances has made this a necessity, and things are very much up in the air at the moment.

So there will be no seed sowing this year. The garden redesign project will merely tidy the garden so it doesn’t repulse prospective buyers. With the Grow Dome and considerably better soil now than when we moved in 10 years ago, we are leaving it in a much better state than that in which we found it.

Some plants will stay, some plants will go. Some will feed the compost heap, some will have to be rehomed. Garden plans are shelved indefinitely.

However, I will still be gardening as my mum and dad have quite a large plot in Malvern and dad needs a new hip (at least) – so his veggie patch will benefit from some of my youthful physique in the coming months while he gets sorted out.