I used to have a broad-leaved sorrel in the old garden, and the chickens were the only members of the household who enjoyed it. I briefly had one in the new garden, but it always looked awful and we didn’t eat it, so I removed it.

I also had a Buckler leaved sorrel, which looks more delicate and has smaller leaves, but is a wild, spreading beast of a plant. I removed it, too.

It had other ideas, and is now springing up in the perennials bed it was originally planted in, and in the blueberry bed next door. I can take a hint, so I am harvesting a handful of leaves at a time to add some zing to salads.

The broad leaved varieties are better for cooking, not least because it’s easier to pick a good wodge of leaves! So maybe one will make a reappearance in the garden one day. Who knows? Either type is easily grown from seed, or you can pick up plants at good garden centres.

Buckler Leaf Sorrel
Buckler leaved sorrel