One of the plants I would never want to be without in the garden is parsley – it’s one of my favourite herbs.

Homegrown parsley
Homegrown parsley, December 2018

At this time of year I am still harvesting from plants I sowed last June, but I’m on borrowed time – they will flower soon, and be no good. They’ve provided us with flavourings and salad leaves all winter and into the spring though, and the insects will love the flowers (if I can wait before I pull the plants up).

I sowed parsley seeds this year on 30th March, and there will probably be a gap between the old plants flowering and the new ones being big enough to harvest from. I’ll need to sow another batch later on, probably, for them to crop into the winter like last year.

A sprinkling of freshly chopped parsley enlivens a lot of dishes – even plain buttered carrots. As I said, I like to have a few parsley leaves in my salads, but parsley sauce is also one of my favourite things – with boiled ham and mashed potatoes, it was a childhood favourite that I haven’t grown out of.

For me, curly parsley is the better looking variety, and makes a lovely edging for a bed. But the flat-leaved variant is easier to chop, and is supposed to have the better flavour, so that’s the one I grow.

Flat-leaved parsley
Flat-leaved parsley