Sweet chestnut coppice

Over the last couple of months I’ve been blogging a lot about my plans for the garden, which is only natural in the run-up to the new gardening season. In terms of the blog this year, it will (of course) be following the progress of the garden and my peat-free, small harvest, gardening philosophy. I’m expecting Tendrils to continue its weekly outing. There will be the usual occasional ethnobotanical ramblings, and on a personal note I’m committed to this being a positive and practical space.

But I thought I would take some time today to ask you, my readers, whether there’s anything you’d like me to add into the mix? Do you want to read more on a particular topic, or less? What do you enjoy most, or not so much? What would help you on your gardening journey?

I’m sure I’m not in everyone’s Goldilocks Zone (where everything is just right), so if there’s something bugging you then this is the perfect opportunity to get it off your chest 🙂 You can leave a comment here on the blog, catch up with me on Twitter or FB, or email me if you’d rather your comments aren’t private.

(In truth, I am always open to feedback, so don’t think you’ve missed the boat if you find you have something to say later in the year!)