My name is Emma Doughty, and The Unconventional Gardener is my blog. Occasionally I may host guest blogs from other writers whose words I think you may enjoy, but most of what you read here is written by me.

For the most part, the content I make available is free and ad-free. However, I do need to support the website (and myself), so here are the things you need to know:

Affiliate links
Posts may contain affiliate links – if you click through to the products I mention, and make a purchase, then a small payment will be made to me. There is no additional cost to you, and in many cases I’m linking to a deal that will save you money. I only partner with companies I would or do use myself, and that are relevant to a gardening/ foodie/eco-friendly audience.

Sponsored posts
I get a lot of emails from companies who want to provide their own ‘guest posts’ for this blog – all of which I decline as I have serious concerns about their ability to supply anything you would want to read. On the other hand, I am a writer and occasionally I am paid to include a commercial link in a blog post on a specific topic. When that happens I try and write the most entertaining and useful, relevant blog post I can – I enjoy the challenge – so that you don’t feel short-changed by what you’ve read. I will always disclose in some way that a post has been sponsored. If you are interesting in sponsoring a blog post then please read the guidelines.

Review products
Sometimes I am offered products to review. I am fussy about what I accept – if it’s not something I can make use of then there’s no point in me having it. I will never write a positive review about a product I don’t like, nor do the companies providing review products have editorial control. I offer my honest opinion of the merits of the product in question. If I was given something for free then the review will say so.

I aim to be open and honest, so if you have questions or concerns about my policy, or how it is being implemented, then please get in touch.