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Growing Plant

Hello, my name is Emma.

I sowed a few seeds, and they grew into a garden.

My mission is to grow new things, in new ways.

Why? Because we can’t carry on growing our food the way that we do now. Our climate, and our weather, is changing. The crops we rely on may well become harder (or impossible) to grow. It’s time to shake things up and learn how to grow different things, in different ways… while there’s still time. We can’t rely on an oil-based ‘spray and pray’ mentality forever; we need to work in harmony with nature.

I am investigating the technology and crops used to support astronauts as they live inĀ space, and which could be used to colonise other planets. Our off-world focus is on thriving with limited resources, moving to a circular economy and sustainability – as it should be on Earth.

We can enter our gardens, and our kitchens, with a new spirit of adventure. If you’d like to join me on this mission, you can start today!

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