Welcome to my new online home. I hope you like it – Ryan has been working very hard on the design, which as well as having a much more ‘me’ colour scheme (I love purple!) is simpler, easier to navigate and mobile-friendly.

You should be able to find your way to anything the old site had – there are some static pages you can access through the navigation bar at the top. There’s no mention of the Alternative Kitchen Garden Show because I won’t be recording any more shows – you can find each episode tucked away on the site – they remain available for you to listen online, or download the files, for free. In the future I may return to podcasting, but for the moment my priorities lie elsewhere 🙂

And for the moment there’s no static page of links or blogroll. I am trialling a different idea and posting (ir)regular round-ups of the most intriguing plant-related content I find elsewhere on the internet. You can find those posts under tendrils.

I have tried very hard to eliminate dead ends and broken links, but if you find one drop me a line and I will fix it. There’s a search function that should help you find what you’re looking for in the meantime.

The kettle’s on, so pull up a chair, help yourself to a slice of cake and make yourself at home. Our new gardening adventures will begin shortly 🙂

This blog post was written by Emma Cooper and was published on The Unconventional Gardener website. If you're reading it elsewhere you may want to navigate away from plagiarised content.

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