Fooled you chilli


The ‘Fooled you’ chilli is not an April Fool‘s joke, but genuinely exists – its claim to fame is that it whilst it looks like a normal Jalapño pepper, it has no heat at all 🙂 You can buy Fooled You seeds from Victoriana Nursery Gardens. I grew them last year, but I’m not sure I’ll have space in the garden for them this year…. For more about growing plants that will amaze you, check out Jade Pearls and Alien Eyeballs, my book about unusual edible plants and the people who grow them!

The first of April generally brings out some innovative gardening jokes, some of which are so intriguing that it’s genuinely disappointing to find out that they’re fake! So, just for giggles, here’s a round-up of the horticultural whooppee cushions that are being deployed today. Leave a comment if you find a good one I’ve missed 🙂

Who wouldn’t grow their own doughnuts, if they could? Well, for one day only, you can, with doughnut seeds!



April Fool: doughnut seeds


That image comes from Printables 4 Mom, where you can download a template to print your own doughnut seed packets!

Once you’ve grown your own doughnuts, it will be lovely to sit on the patio and wash them down with a homegrown gin & tonic – and that’s possible today, too, thanks to a grafting breakthrough from Thompson & Morgan!



April Fool: Gin & Tonic plant


And heritage seed supplier extraordinaire, Thomas Etty, has a special offering for today as well:






A few years ago I tried to persuade people that they would soon be able to grow chocolate at home, but the prize for the April Fool with the most longevity must surely go to the BBC!




The Independent got people riled up in 2012 with an article about a hosepipe amnestry for gardeners to surrender their watering equipment during a hosepipe ban, and if you want even more historical goodness, then has a round-up of April Fool’s Day botany.

Enjoy April Fool’s Day, everyone!

This one is not an April Fool, but a genuinely good offer 🙂



50% off bare root fruit at Suttons


And it’s also no joke that you can order free vegetable seeds or free squash plants from Suttons – I checked both offers this morning and they’re still valid.