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It was snowing on Saturday, and as the snow cancelled some social plans, I had some unexpected time to myself. I decided to tackle the issue of my seed box.

Hello, My name is Emma, and I am a Seedaholic

My seed box, which is a nice big plastic crate, bigger than your average shoe box, has been a nightmare. It’s stuffed full, to the point where I hate trying to find anything in it, and can’t face filing any new seeds in it. The reason for this is that I have been holding on to old seeds that I wanted to sow in the old garden, and didn’t get the chance to.

Each packet represents a hope I had for growing something new or exciting. Some of them were hard to come by, and a few were imported from other countries. Some were gifts, or swaps, which adds to the guilt of the seeds not sown. The rest, of course, represent a considerable financial investment over the years.

But none of those things matter. The truth is that no seeds last forever, and so it was time to declutter the seed box and bring it back into regular use. It was time for a seed clearout.

And so I sat on the sofa, covered the coffee table in seeds and divided them into three piles: to sow (soon!), to swap (viable seeds I am not going to sow anytime soon) and to go (too old to germinate).

After the seed clearout by Emma Cooper on

The result is order after the chaos. I’ve got some pea seeds to sow for peashoots now, a bag of seeds to take to a seed swap, and a seed box in which the dividers are in alphabetical order, and all of the seeds should have, and should be given, a chance to grow.

(It’s entirely possible that I haven’t found all of the seeds in the house, but at least there’s space for any stragglers to fit into the seed box now!)

Old seed packets for disposal by Emma Cooper on

Which left me a pile of seed packets to dispose of. The seeds have gone onto the compost heap, which may lead to some interesting weeds, but it seems unlikely (I’m throwing them out because they’re very old, and there’s a mouse in the compost bin…). The paper packets have been recycled and the foil packets have gone in the bin.

I’m going to try to limit myself to acquiring new seeds as and when I am in a position to sow them. But you know what it’s like, they’re all so adorable. How can you not want more?

I am trialling a new photo site (500px) because Flicker has become unusable on our slow internet connection. Let me know if it causes you problems!

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