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Recently FFX contacted me, to offer me a little shopping spree on their site. Since they mainly do tools and things, I passed this opportunity onto the Chief Engineer, and let him have his pick. Fortunately, for me, the budget didn’t run to a chainsaw (he really wants his own chainsaw; we have nothing that needs a chainsaw…), so he had to be a little more creative in choosing things that would be useful in the garden 🙂

Fiskars axe and sharpener

(Ryan did the styling for this photoshoot. I wouldn’t have chosen to display our new tools in front of weedy bits of the garden 😉 )

Ryan also has a bit of a thing about axes. Apparently out current axe (a) was cheap and (b) isn’t much good. So he’s rectified that problem by choosing a shiny new Fiskars X5 axe, with which he will find it much easier to do any required chopping. Sensibly he choose the Fiskars XSharp sharpener to go with it.

Ryan with his new tools and tool belt from FFX

A natty leather tool belt rounded out Ryan’s shopping list. When he’s DIYing he has a tendency to put screws etc in the back pocket of his jeans, with predictable consequences. Now he can keep them handy in his tool belt, which has a hook for a hammer (or an axe!) and plenty of pouches and pockets for nails and screws and pencils and instructions. It’s officially called a half apron.

Very generously, I will be allowed to use it when I am gardening, too 😉

But, actually, Ryan did order something with me in mind:

Multipurpose knife

This is a multi-purpose gardening tool, which comes with a plastic scabbard that clips onto your belt. It features “a sharpened straight edge stainless steel blade, a serrated edge for cutting open bags of soil and mulch, a V-groove end blade for cutting weeds and a heavy -duty rope cutting notch.”

Once we took it out of the packaging, it reminded me of an asparagus knife, and when the asparagus is older I will try it for harvesting asparagus – I think it will be just the job! In the meantime, the V-shaped notch is great for cutting through purple sprouting broccoli stems. I have yet to try slashing open compost bags with it, but I think it will be great. It’s wicked sharp. Assuming I remember to put it back in the scabbard, I won’t have to worry about losing it in the garden, in that colour.

So, all in all, the boy done good, as they say. We had to wait a few days for our order – something wasn’t immediately in stock – but we’re very happy with the service from FFX and the quality of the products. I’m sure they will all be making an appearance in future blog posts.

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