Broad beans - planted and sown

The weather has been pretty awful of late, with one winter storm after another bringing high winds and heavy rain to the garden. Saturday dawned mild and bright, and so it was definitely time to get some garden time in. I decided that the first order of business was to plant out the broad beans that I sowed in the Plotting Shed over the winter. I sowed two different sorts – field beans and a proper broad bean ‘Czak Rusga’. The field beans were, for the most part fine. The Czak Rusga tended to rot without sprouting, although two of the plants did make it in the end. The resulting plants are a bit of a motley crew.

I cleared a raised bed for them, which gave us a handful of baby beetroot leaves to include in dinner, and then planted them out. They didn’t fill the bed, so I have sowed the rest with broad bean ‘Fuego’ (a spring planting variety), and popped my four remaining Fuego seeds into pots in the Plotting Shed, to plug any gaps.

The field beans should be taller plants, so they’re on the north end of the bed, although I’ll have to factor in the shade they will cast on the next bed in my planting plans. Of course, since I planted the beans it hasn’t stopped raining, except for the few minutes where it hailed on them. *sigh*

I discovered, on Friday, that the planting plan I carefully drew of what was where in the front garden has disappeared, so I’m filing the planting plan for the broad bean bed safely here 😉

Planting plan for the broad bean bed

I know what was planted in the front garden, I just don’t know where to look to see if some plants have survived in the winter. And there’s one coming up that I don’t recognise…. I’ll find out what that is, in due course.

First purple sprouting broccoli

The purple sprouting broccoli harvest is starting now – I’ve picked the first few florets today to encourage plenty more to grow.


And I need to find some good sorrel recipes to use this! I’m going to order some goat cream and have a go at Gwenfar’s Garden’s sorrel and potato gratin, which sounds lovely and will use up some of our stored potatoes. She also has a recipe for sorrel and mushroom pasta, which I’m sure is also lovely, but Ryan hates mushrooms and picks them out of everything, which would leave him with sorrel pasta 😉

Looking beyond the edibles, the contorted hazel is flowering:


Female hazel flower

What’s growing in your garden?

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